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Maybe I did not explain myself properly. I am in two minds about the idea of replicas. That is why I used the German Pavillion example. I thought it was one of the most amazing places I have ever been, but the fact that it was a replica hung at the back of my mind. I suppose it did not really bother me too much as the feeling of space in that building is so amazing that it overcomes any other emotions.

With regards to the Archers Garage example, I suppose it must be questioned as to what people thought of it in the past. I certainly remembered it from before it was destroyed and thought it was quite cool. However, was there a point when people hated it and wanted it destroyed? The same could be said about our Georgian buildings; there was a point when alot of people within Dublin thought of these as boring and dull. I am not saying I do not like them, in fact I am quite a fan. The problem for me with mass replication of older styles is that innovation is blocked and the city never appears to move on (of course it does, but it is just not represented visually). What I am saying is that some of the styles which are often replicated were styles that people have grown used to over time. This is why newer styles should be promoted to exist alongside older styles. If they are not we will never get a chance to appreciate them.

Who knows, we might be replicating O’Connell Street house in the future! 😀

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