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Poor steel windows, everyone hates them now. Their slender profiles are great, but so unappreciated – pretty much all of 30s and 50s Dublin have had them replaced. My granny is the last house on her 50s road with steel windows, everyone else is PVC – it’s a difficult job persuading for restoration/reproduction.
But it is possible to doubleglaze and draught-proof them – it’s mainly the maintance issue, and the hinges etc jamming over time that people don’t want them – heaven forbid a bit of oiling and repainting were necessary.
I agree too about the lovely Bus Stop building – the only problem I have with it is that the facades on each street look too small owing to the size of the plot – it looks like it has had its wings chopped off.

F McD did say that indeed phil – although I didn’t actually say that it wasn’t criticised at the time – but yes, he did also say recently that as the cladding was just bolted on, it could equally be bolted off again – believe me, leave it as it is – you don’t want to know what lurks beneath it!

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