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Originally posted by kefu
Well Graham, I think I’ve changed my mind.
I only saw the image in the Irish Times today and wasn’t overly impressed. But that night-time picture you’ve posted now puts a whole new gloss on it.

Architecturally it is a good development when considered in isolation particularly at night. But the night image fails to display its impact on the adjoining Gaiety.

It is a good looking design and I feel a certain degree of sympathy for architects who are instructed to design buildings with maximisation of floorspace as the over riding priority.

Originally posted by kefu
I often find myself standing at this spot waiting for people outside Wagamama and find the Eircom building so dull and so depressing.

You can say that again, the Gaiety Centre is to paraphrase Royston it is “a Waste of Space” both visually and from a landuse perspective. 😡

Originally posted by kefu
I know I’ve said this a million times before but who exactly are An Taisce trying to represent.

An Taisce represent people with an interest in Heritage and the environment, their perogative is the Heritage element or effects of new build on heritage.

In this case I agree with An Bord. The written decision makes the next step very clear in my opinion, it is well designed as a stand alone building but it should be downscaled a little to preserve the status of the Gaiety in the architectural hierarchy of the existing streetscape.

I hope that the architects resubmit a scaled down version, it is too good a design concept to throw on the scrap heap. 😉

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