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Originally posted by J. Seerski
Well I’m sorry but that big heap was well shot down by an bord pleanala. It was a stump of glass that was highly illogical in form –

what is highly illogical in form?

Originally posted by J. Seerski

In total, the design was demented and incoherent. Best refused! It would have made a joke of Sth King St – would have resembled a bland street in a forgotten city in northern Britain (there are so many)…..

it is as paul said … it would have contrasted nicely with the gaiety.

Originally posted by J. Seerski

🙂 🙂 🙂 Three cheers to An Taisce!

for blankly appealing even though they didn’t have the street right.
for stopping progress into a more dynamic city.

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