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Doug C

I like the look of the t-shirts Paul.

Any chance of getting an organic range for the next batch?

There are a load of suppliers over here in London, the following seem to be one of the more reasonable

Some stuff on organic cotton for your listeners

“The WTO estimates that as many as 20,000 deaths and 3 million chronic health problems are caused by poisoning related to agricultural pesticides globally each year. A further 200,000 farmers commit suicide as a result of debt caused by pesticide purchase.

Worldwide, conventional cotton farming uses only about 3 percent of total farmland but consumes 25 percent of the chemical pesticides and fertilizers used globally. In India, it’s as much as 50 percent of pesticides used on as little as 5 percent of the total agricultural land.

At least three of the chemicals used heavily in cotton production are in the “dirty dozen” – so dangerous that 120 countries agreed at a UNEP conference in 2001 to ban them, but so far this hasn’t happened. Why not?

Organic cotton is grown in approximately 15 countries, but still represents only 0.1% of global cotton production. We want to increase this figure to 10% by 2010.”


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