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Hard to judge the impact the Luas has had on trafic yet, we really need to have schools and University fully back before a fair assesment can be drawn.

Undoubtedly Luas has taken traffic from competing bus services but has it reduced cars?

Two obvious points of impact are the removal of the post box near the OPW HQ, – with the one way system the Post cannot collect from it any more.

The path on this side has just been dug up too and there is a new pedestrian crossing being put in near there also, how this is to work with the bus lane / contra flow is interesting. This will stop the traffic dead, particularly the out bus lane and will enhance the tailback into Hume St.

There have been several problems, just due to the narrowness of the out bus lane, – least two complete jams I have seen – as something in the bus lane broke down and could not be passed out and several near accidents,as buses find it hard to make the turn from Hume St while avoiding the plastic barriers and have to make several goes at the corner.

The Lesson St / edge of Green pedestrian crossing is now very dangerous,as long delays here encourge people to chance it.

Nearly always a police presence to stop cars using the bus lane in the rush hour too.

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