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Another proposed option for buses that currently use Harcourt St is to re-route along Hatch St and then along a contra flow bus lane on Earlsford Terrace to St Stephens Green East. I think this is the best solution. Between the DCC and BAC the re-routing of buses can be successfully integrated into this plan with out pissing off bus users, which is of utmost importance, and with out the need for busses to use the north west corner of the Green.

After years of car centric policy it’s about time some street space is reclaimed for the weary pedestrians and cyclists of Dublin. The safety improvements speak for them selves but also the civic area it will create is what Dublin sorely lacks at the moment and will become a great public amenity, with shouts of why didn’t they do this before.

DDC may have had their hand forced on this but at least they are making the right decisions and putting the car last on their list of priority. I think the DCC are on the right track and with a few tweaks like changing the direction of traffic flow on Hume St and Ely Place this will work and all modes of transport, cars included, will benefit.

For those who haven’t seen the proposal here is a link to the Briefing Note on the DCC site

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