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Originally posted by notjim
that’s great news, it includes a sean scully room too! isn’t the hugh lane collection great, such a mess.

Care to elaborate? I am sort of interested in public buildings, like galleries, libraries etc as building types – Kahn, of whom I am a fan, spent some time working on projects like those ones.

I prefer his later stuff ; the geometric paintings with the circles and spirals in gold and silver etc…evoking our Celtic past

On the other hand, they could evoke Arabic influences, where the surface of the wall becomes something more, they could be like CHinesse architecture where circles as openings were used to powerful effect, or Japanesse spaces, where ‘learning to see without using the senses’ is part of the philosophy.

I don’t know about Celtic – what is Celtic? It was a mixture of things I am sure – but perhaps Celtic started in Arabia, parts of the world where Budism type believes were common.

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