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The only reason I am wondering this is that I am wondering if at the moment we look at our urban landscapes in two ways? Firstly do we look at the ‘old city’ and see a uniformity of appearance simply because the buildings are old? I wonder what people thought of some of the gothic revival stuff when it first went up? How was it compared to the Georgian buildings which were already there? What I am saying is that, although we see massive differences between the styles, we don’t see them as being as different as people might have seen them when they were originally built. Secondly. do we then look at the modern city and see it as being completely contrasting with the older styles which we might have grouped together as being ‘old’? I am merely wondering what people might think of some of the more hated buildings in Dublin as time goes by. I don’t think it is that people simply don’t care about these buildings. I just think that the ways in which we look at things depending on many different factors, some of which are more complex then we can imagine.

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