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Just a couple of thoughts… maybe, this you might relate to?

I have seen “old-timers” and kids out of school come through here. My money, for the long haul is on the kids just coming into the trade. Although woefully untrained, they are eager to learn new skills and not afraid of change. I feel that they will benifit from any upgrades, while us “old farts” seem reluctant to explore.

Or this?

I have found students to be great resources to the old timers for the program and the old timers to be great reasources to the junior staff because they can if willing learn their discipline. It is as you might say give and take.

But yeah, your point is duly noted, and a good one….. some forums ‘get over’ this by just dividing the board in half…… one half for the more ‘technical, nitty-gritty, analytical’ exploration…… which I being a young brain, who is woefully untrained…. but has lots of enthuasiasm. One where any attempts at ‘general discussion’ would be moved or deleted.

And another board, for ‘general’ discussion…. i.e. the type of discussion most favoured here at Archiseek board.

Yeah, the ‘technical discussions’ tend to be quieter places on the whole….. but allow us to examine issues, smaller issues perhaps in much finer detail – which Archiseek general message board is perhaps not appropriate for at all.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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