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Very fair point.

I see where you are coming from now.

Correct, you would end up with something just so totally incomprehensible as to become a complete and absolute joke.

Everyone just conducting their very own private like talk…. that was necessary in aceshardware, because I could be troubleshooting some very obscure and tiny minute difficulty related to MS Windows OS or a new Graphics accelerator board or something…. so it would be really specfic and detailed.

I.e. If someone else ran into a similar problem at aceshardware…. they could pass on a possible diagnosis or fix etc.

Whereas the ‘restriction’ imposed by the sequential posting format does provide that necessary limit I guess to prevent a ‘real bird’s nest’ from happening.

BTW, I am a well known poster over at, though I don’t have the time these days to post anymore, and am largely ‘out’ of the IT end of things.

Back in the late nineties…. my suppliers of computers/components was a guy here in Dublin called ‘Gareth’….. when I would buy stuff from gareth I would quickly rush home and run questions by the ‘aceshardware’ message board… it was very surprising how useful and interesting a way this was to operate.

Hence I just kept ‘garethace’ hotmail and garethace handle ever since,…. even though I could be posting in completely different message boards.

Where did SW101 come from?

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