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You are talking to someone, who got kicked off a job once, for making chairs in a CAD file red instead of blue. The fact that I changed it in 5 minutes didn’t manage to change their minds. If that action wasn’t a ‘knive in the back’ I don’t know what is. Two months worth of my drawing work in CAD format completely disappeared from the main file server, only a while before that.

Basically the architectural technicians love opportunities to take a good ‘cut’ at young architects and architectural students. In the case of CAD in offices, they are having a field day – the computer presents such an ideal ‘camouflage’ condition to sucessfully mount gorilla-sytle attacks on young architects. Where the boss hasn’t a clue generally speaking what is going on, and only has the word of his/her trusted authority in the matter – his/her architectural technician.

In the matter of supervision, the project architects are now flying completely blind in this situation. Most worrying of all, is the ‘panic reaction’ by architect employers now, to only employ technicians period, because architects aren’t seen to be able to use these machines at all. Making the entry level jobs for a young architect, very difficult to find indeed, by comparison with the said positions for young technicians. If I could choose again, which course to actually do, I know which one I would almost definitely go for.

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