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I remember when I first paid for my own computer, software and training back in the late nineties – I started to do my own jobs etc, etc. Then when I worked in practice, on computers, I will admit I behaved very defensively about what I knew about the computer, and how to use it.

I remember there was a computer given to the project team, consisting of two members – myself and another girl, who also had basic CAD skills. Now, instead of organising the day in two distinct halves – one in which I would sketch and she could draft in CAD, and visa versa – I totally monopolised the CAD workstation – and therefore, while she had to do some CAD too, she couldn’t and had to sketch all day long.

We as skilled VIZ and CAD users tend to do this far too often and not even be aware of it, until years afterwards when looking back. Hence the title of the thread, Let’s nuke the computer whiz.

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