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It’s just ludicrous in this country that when we want something built, paid for by the State, we have to wait years and years and years.

When the private sector have a project, as soon as outline permission is granted they’re on site digging!
I agree it is like a warehouse – when completed the interior will be little more than a cavernous shell, with Regency-striped wallpaper.
I’d love to see how they’re gonna wrap that in mock-Georgian – if anyone’s any pictures for a laugh.

Any time a ‘worst buildings’ thread crops up here, there’s always one that’s in the back of my mind but I never think of it.
So while I still remember – the City West Hotel.

It is offically the worst building thrown up in this country in the 1990s – it is mind-boggling in it’s crapiness, dripping in the worst cliches from the pastiche rulebook.
The PVC, the frilly facias, the pillars, the gold lettering, the red doors, the ‘charming’ Victoriana yellow walls, the pitched roofs, the lanterns….shudder

The increasing emergence of these small to medium sized conference centres will probably quash any plans for a national centre.
The State should facilitate private developers in aquiring a site for such a centre, but that’s it. They have no role in such a development, especially considering the reason they got involved in the first place – to attract tourism to the country – is largely irrelevant now.

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