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Quote “just provide a very, very limited amount of office space in Georgian terraces in Dublin city. Which haven’t changed since the 1800s.”

The advent of the Commercial Chambers in Edwardian times broke the stranglehold of Georgian Dublins grip on office space.

Culturally ‘Commerce’ wasn’t really respectable until the 1920 as such. These chambers became much more widespread in the 1920’s as buildings suchas the Burton Buildings and Shamrock Chambers opened on Dame St and 19 College Green or Pen corner opened also during this decade.

Prior to this Lawyers hung out in the 4 courts or incorporated law Society and practiced from home. There was no real auditing process but more tax collected. Banks were fortressess and all thew stock brokers were within a block of Anglesea St.
Industrial giants such as Guiness’s had their offices on the production site.

The Bull run in US equities between 1925-29 changed all that as greed became fashionable in public for the first time.

De Velera’s economic policies protected the built heritage until about the 1960’s when supplying mohair suits became the best earner in town.

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