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My biggest fear is that – the organisation is totally managed and run by fat-cats who having enjoyed perks for so long now, would find it impossible to ‘just give up their comforts’. I mean, even the door boys in DIT are all part of this one happy establishment. When I went to use the new IT facilities at Rathmines recently, being then a DIT students and living in the Rathmines area, I found I got so much harassement from the ‘power crazy’ doorguys, that I just had to give up my hope of convenience and using that building, even as a study room for a couple of hours. It is like one grand big piece of period architecture, with a couple of DIT badge wearing goons rattling around inside in it. Efficiency or bloath?

Grange Gorman, allowed alot of big wigs in those separate campuses, to feel better about themselves, that they had some grand vision – is like the rubbish bin protests – its only function now for years was to distract people from the fundamental issues, and address some real problems. But that is a very common behavioural trait of organisations that have just grown too wild and weedy down through the years. The DIT model is almost a father-to-son thing at this stage. From both the point of view of students and prospective employment positions. I don’t think I would want to work there anyhow, if I wasn’t part of the family so to speak. Do DIT really need an accomdation/admin department in places like Pembroke St? Or is Cathal Brugha St etc really needed? I mean, if you put all of those ‘separated’ properties together, you would suddenly see ‘all the people employed’ in this monster of an organisation – and what it ‘takes’ to run it. Does it need as many different Libraries as it has? Couldn’t it make one really good one?

I compare the situation to a child that has more toys, than he/she can enjoy/benefit from, but is just too spoilt to lose any and perhaps get their lives back into some kind of suitable, more stream-lined organisation. It is the students who suffer the most at the end of it all – that is the fact. I guess what it really needs is some kind of ‘large organisation doctor’ to come along and wrench away from its grasp some of these self-destructive traits.

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