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I agree that rivers were the primary dictators of pre 1950 settlement patterns particularly industrial location and schools of Industrial location economics sprung up.

But since the mid 1970’s only two transport modes have been important to industry have become road and more laterly air transport.

I noticed in the previous post to yours an appraiser talking about basic urban land rent theories, such as retailers moving to the suburbs.
He is right but this is only relevant to a point inso much as most of the businesses in the docklands were retail warehousing so the contribution to the city ratesbase was extremely limited as the RV’s (rateable valuations) would have been minimal anyway.

It was made very clear by the EU commission that no favourable tax treatment may be given in the docklands post 2000, so any aspirent Trumps will have to find tenants to pay full charges.

The key to developing Dublin must be to develop high-density buildings within 2kms of the CBD.
Because as it stands companies are opting for the cheaper suburban market becuase in most cases the specs are identical.

Only a higher specification and design can put life back into the docklands. As it stands rents are higher than most competitor cities but design standards are lower.

It would also address the East-West Imbalence as in reality the docklands have not delivered much thus far. The city pretty much ends along an alignment of Grand Canal St- Pearse St- Amiens St -Fairview thus far. Admitedly with two blocks ending at guild St being the exception.

Much more is possible, much higher densities are definitely possible, and only with a rising rates base can DCC deliver the level of service that most other Europeans take for granted. The key is transit only a metro from the docklands to Heuston can integrate the docklands into Dublin properly, only higher density development can support a metro and only higher quality design can justify higher densities. No more Georges dock standard buildings it is time for a few Cathedrals of Commerce. 🙂

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