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i just had a look at their website. if its anything like the stuff they have on there my comments will aply to it too. i realised that someone would take me up wrong from my last post. i have no problem with brick whatsoever. it is a functional, manageble and often beautiful material (in the hands of a proper architect). what i do have a problem with is the “mindless aplication” of this material onto any and every new building, simply forming a mask to a standard floor plate because the architect (if there is one involved) cant be arsed to deal with the building in any intelligent way. the people who design these buildings are, to me, not architects. they have fallen into the role of facillitator through laziness and apathy.
im not talking about throughing a ghery up on every corner (i hate his work) Temple bar , as i sighted, is a landscape of subtle variations and interesting modern buildings, and is vibrant as a result. what i am trying to propose is that we create builings that interact with and give to the street instead of hiding behind an anonymous wall of thoughtless repitition.

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