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Depending on the objectivity used in selecting the angles used. Photo montages can work.

Of course the real thing is the only real way to judge but is that not hindsight in relation to all predictions.

The model does give a feel of what this block of flats will look like.

More importantly it lets you see what it will not look like. i.e. A Progressive Landmark building of quality one competing to be the best building of it’s generation.

Being handed a brief and not having to compete to get it perfect is what this project is all about.

Re the balconies, I am sure that the building will look well when a few occupiers to decide to sell and place auctioneers boards on their balconies. You could say it may even introduce a little colour to a very dull submission. Unless the cladding started to seperate from the structure like another tall flats complex. Then it could get really interesting

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