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niall murphy

in the “A Platform For Change” document it can be seen after research that few people would actually want to use of the phoenix park route. The underground interconnector is essential for the city in my view. I am a regular user of the kildare line. I would rather get off at heuston and take the luas than be dragged up to phibsboro and the back of croke park before crawling at a snails pace to get anywhere near connolly. Now if the interconnector was built and St. Stephens green would be an attractive destination for a lot of people. This could be a very good hub for metro luas etc…

Platform 11 have some good ideas but I dont agree with them on certain things. They tell you what you want but in most peoples case this is not what they want. They are obsessed with end destinations such as getting people from kildare into spencer dock or getting peole from the airport to spencer dock via the existing DART. They forget about all the suburbs and communities that are to be served by new DART/metro lines. A public transport system should allow people to navigate a city easily and quickly and should not focus on end points of lines so much…

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