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Fitzwilliam St was pre planning acts.

Wood Quay was pushed through despite overwhealming opposition to the project. In fact the membership of An Taisce grew 200% in three years during the Wood Quay phase.

As for ‘Stunting growth’ it is architects without the cop on not to design substandard buildings or put either sub std or otherwise in the wrong places that causes objection.

What is uterly futile are individuals that cannot seperate the Irish Georgian Society

The Green Party

The National Trust For Ireland

If you seperated your approaches to planning applications a little more carefully you might even win an An Taisce award for good symnmetry or any of the other 17 categories of examination.

Until I have seen the drawings for Heuston it is not foot in mouth time.

197 apts could be accompanied by 350 car spaces or should I say 197 car spaces and 394 tractors and a few Trailors thrown in

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