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Andrew Duffy

I can’t find anything about that building on the web, unfortunately. Why would it not work in Dublin? Dublin is an ugly, small city with some Georgian achitecture, the majority of it extremely poor (visit Cheltenham before defending Dublin’s Georgian architecture) and some Victorian architecture, most of it poor (visit Glasgow…). If Lima can have good buildings (according to you), why can’t Dublin?

On the Luas issue – at peak times the Tallaght line will operate at five minute intervals, according to the RPA. Even if no short workings were run, which would suggest that a third track has been built outside Heuston station for nothing, this equals 2820 people per hour in each direction. That is not a low capacity service, and by running short workings to and from the station the capacity would be dramatically increased. Since a private company is operating the trams, I can assure you that short workings will be run since they make economic sense.

I live in the area, and can vouch for the fact that the buses are not overcrowded, even at peak times.

Service to the western suburbs has just been massively improved, and the logical next step is to reopen the park tunnel and midland line. It is not the fault of a property developer that Irish Rail do not have an intelligent long term strategy. The developer would certainly offer to pay for the development of the heavy rail service if the option was available – look up the offer to construct a Luas spur to Citywest and the plan put forward by the Shannon rail company if you don’t beleive developers are interested in making their developments more accessible.

However, examing facts and assesing need are not the strengths of a conservationist. The only fact you will see is the height of the buillding.

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