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building interact on many levels and not just in regards to scale so to just take 1 princple and form an opinion on that is a folly and so possibly ur development in spacial interaction is somewhat stunted by working for/with an taisce. such narrow-mindness is usually reserved for architectural ignorant people.

as regards cultural events. our culture is evident not only in remembrance events but in our built environment, some may say more so, so i don’t really know what ur argument there is. culture is forever evolving and to embrace a past culture of ours and seize on it as an ideal for the future and we must strictly follow this is again narrow-minded.

and you seem to be focusing ur anger about our public transport system onto the built environment and those who wish to supply services. find the people that are actually to blame ( ie those who squandered money during the celtic tiger years on meaningless crude) and focus ur blame on them.

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