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Originally posted by Diaspora
There are three points on this:

Second point is that it would destroy the Heritage value of two important buildings namely Dr Steven’s Hospital and The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham. Lads keep the modern art forms within the Museum.

I really hate it when people bring up nonsense like this. This new buildings ruining the views, or the heritage or whatever of old buildings is nearly always a ploy by conservationists to block any new developments and far too often they actually get their way. Do real people honestly believe in this rubbish?

Do the skyscrapers of New York destroy the heritage value of St Patricks Cathedral? Maybe like here they would have been better off banning tall buildings so they wouldn’t overshadow the cathedral – I’m sure the city would be all the better for it.

Isn’t it terrible how the skyscrapers of Sydney ruin the views of their fantastic harbour, if only Irish conservationists could have been around to put a stop to it. Only a fool would think Sydney is a spectacular modern city now.

I really don’t understand conservationists, they seem to be anti almost everything that isn’t run-of-the-mill boring these days. In fact if they were around when Dr Steven’s Hospital and The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham were being built they would probably have been against them too because they ruined the “heritage value” of something or other.

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