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There are three points on this:

Firstly to suggest that Heuston Station is close to a public transport node is correct.
To suggest that the station is suitable for large numbers of additional commuters is a joke. How many commuters board trains at the Cherry Orchard station daily to work in the City Centre?

Credit to Irish Rail they did a good renovation job on Heuston station.

But the failure to develop the interconnector from Heuston to Connolly and Dublin 2 via Tara St and Pearse Stn is a disgrace.

So you have a floor of stranded commuters for every County in the Island of Ireland.

Second point is that it would destroy the Heritage value of two important buildings namely Dr Steven’s Hospital and The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham. Lads keep the modern art forms within the Museum.

Thirdly it by utilising scarce construction resources further slows development in the Docklands.

The one area in Central Dublin that possibly has the capacity to absorb tall buildings.

And the minister behind it, yes little tommy parlon,

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