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Hi BTH, ive read alot of the articles on platform 11’s website, and also Brennan has not initiated any luas or metro projects so far, the luas was initiated under O’Rourke. I wouldnt blame him for the mess, also why was the luas not put underground? Are the same fools who campaigned against it running underground in the city centre going to do the same for the metro, or would they prefer more of the same chaos? Also really hope the National Infrastructure Board is Introduced, major projects should be under construction 24hrs a day and not have machinery woth millions lying idle, i also think the public and interest groups have far too much input into the planning process, just looking after their own interest, the common good should be looked after. I also agree with the system in Spain where any land 10m from the surface is owned by the state. What does anyone think of the idea of a NIB? I support the idea a 110% but im sure some people with nothing better to do will object.

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