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i had a look at the waterstreet file in CCC last week- the An Taisce submission was quite surprising- other than a reference to the “Sore Thumb” syndrome it was in support of the scheme in general (except some minor caveats) and even went so far as to say that the design is worthy of the docklands and will be a good demonstration of high density city living!

I give out about them more than anyone – but in fairness to Kevin Hurley, he’s not really oppose to the development as such. He’s had a few chit-chats with Sean Kearns on the project – his collegaue, Tomas O’Scannlain is more likely to appeal than anyone (which I hope he doesn’t), In this instance, I believe the residents are the biggest obstacle. I utterly empathise with logical and reasonable concerns residents raise concerning planning issues – it’s their entitlement as occupiers of an area, but to be fair, the objections regarding Water Street in this case are utterly disappointing and imbalanced. Water Street is a great development which opens up a bright light into the docklands. But you never know, CCC have their awkward ways about them!

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