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Would like to see Ford “encouraged” to build a multistorey car park to house their vehicles, preferably somewhere near the ring road – say in Tivoli? – to free up the large tarmac area south of Tedcastles for development.

Well I don’t know about the multi-storey car-park idea – but you can take it that Ford are one step ahead on that site already. ]Lexington,
have Frinailla admitted they are going ahead with that deal?[/QUOTE]

That’s the Stephen Rogers report you’re referring to? The plan he outlined in his report has not been solidified – no, not that I’m aware of. On news that that report was made public – the info I had been made aware of, I felt was somewhat in the public domain and thus issued it on the forum,

However, Frinailla will seek to develop a residential proposal for the site not far-off, if not, along the lines already mentioned. Kieran Conway, as I am aware, has said nothing yet – presumably down to the fact that he doesn’t want to formalise something without being 100% that it’s the plan Frinailla can go-ahead with. As best I’m aware, Mr. Rogers based his report on third-party info – correct me if I’m wrong on that. The housing number figure is not based on my info, I have corrected that in the post above for issues of clarity. If I attain more specific details (if at all) I will post them to keep you inform and clear on the issue.

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