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@d_d_dallas wrote:

Agreed, however in terms of city present centre activity this is probably about as exciting as it gets (can someone comfirm/deny)

I would have said 21 Lavitts Quay is a far superior building – I don’t know why, but it speaks ‘Millbank’ (i.e. MI5 HQ, London) to me at some curious level. I have a few smashing images of 21 Lavitts Quay as it nears completion (however I need a new cable link with USB extension) and I really feel it sets a precendent along the quay.

Also, competition designs for Kyrls Quay are shaping up nicely (I’ve seen 2 early drawings for 2 different entrants) and they’re interesting.

Also Rockfell’s Cornmarket Street development by Frank Ennis and Associates as well as John Mannix’s Washington Street development by Dermot Coveney & Associates are interesting designs too.


🙂 PJ Hegarty & Sons Ltd have erected a new tower crane over Blackpool Developments site for a new office and residential scheme at Blackpool Retail Park (Phase 2) – however, Blackpool Developments have recently lodged plans to convert the building to 70,000sq ft + of open plan office space with ground floor retail – this follows their success in tenants at the existing park office space and subsequent demand.

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