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Any news on OCP plans for acedemy st. I belive that the owners of the chateaux have not even been approached by OCP
Although the development should not effect the front and thoose famous steps the back of that pub runs behind both the pharmacy and sasha shop next door. Can’t see how development could go without OCP accuring at least the back part of that property.

You’re right, a few posts back I have an outline posted of, apparent, properties around the block controlled by OCP. Le Cheateau is not included. There is no way OCP would be given grant to demolish those historic waterway steps – and quite right too – they are an irreplaceable and integral part of the city’s history. The concern will really centre on the effects of the development to the facade and steps of the building on the south-west corner of the block – with steps on both Academy Street and Patrick’s Street. I am told that this is being very carefully and sensitively noted in the design (internal, external, structural) of the project – and the effects of construction. Regarding Ryan’s Pharmacy – OCP does control this building – drawing options attained by me showed one option retaining the building’s facade with a small step-back and vertical extension to its rear. With planning being sought this Summer – I can’t see the final plans altering the Patrick’s Street facade all that much. I think the most noticeable change will be to the Taboo Bar and present The Jean Scene store across Faulkner’s Lane, fronting Patrick’s Street.

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