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@phil wrote:

There used to be a Captain Americas in Dun Laoghaire. It closed about 12 years ago though.

My mistake – that’s actually correct I remember even visiting that way back when. Sorry about that.

@Radioactiveman wrote:

Just a few questions for everyone which have been bugging me for a while….
Q What kind of progress (if any) has been made on the redevelopment of the riverside of the Everyman Theatre?
Q Have the Revenue Commisioners decided where they are moving to yet? Will that eyesore on Sullivan’s Quay finally be demolished?
Q Any news on the IAWS/ R&H Hall development plans?


1. A plan was drawn up by 2 developers with the Everyman Palace – which would see the quayside fronting St. Patrick’s Quay redeveloped as a 5-storey mixed-use development spanning the area between the Metropole Hotel Leisure Centre to the Sporting Club near Bridge Street. The development was scheduled to include lecture theatres, film development centre, training facilities, a conference centre, nightclub and roof-top cocktail lounge, restaurant, some retail, office units and basement car-parking all incorporated into the Everyman Palace. I’m not fully aware of how the status regarding the buy-up of appropriate lands has progressed. A prominent Cork-based architectural firm were enlisted to design the project – however, as best I am aware, these plans have been scrapped. There is a possibility a future proposal will be reimagined – this time including a well-known department store, however I have heard nothing solid of this as yet.

2. The deadline for final proposal submissions has been extended for March 24th 2005 until April 29th 2005 – as predicted. This is to allow some developers who approached the OPW get their projects into planning. This could mean a few new large-scale proposals headed for Navigation House in the coming weeks – but I can’t say. McCarthy Developments, O’Callaghan Properties and O’Flynn Construction have all approached the OPW and been approached in return. I am also told a very prime city centre site – the subject of many former planning applications – is also set to see a new application placed on it by its developer/owner. It possesses a very attractive location from the Revenue Commissioners perspective. The Sullivans Quay building will be set for either redevelopment or refurbishment – although the latter seems improbable given the substantial subsidence issues related to the current structure.

3. IAWS have assessed plans for the R&H Hall site along Kennedy Quay – though no date has been specified for an announcement, some believe it could be this year. IAWS have consulted with some developers related to the sale of the site or joint development. CCC is pushing a cultural or historical use to the site with some commercial elements – they favour the retention of the silos. One developer I’m aware of views this as unfeasible – so its still all up in the air.

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