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@Radioactiveman wrote:

Also, the new archive building is taking shape on Gt. William Obrien St., Still haven’t found a proper image of this 😡

Better late than never getting back to you on this one – but I genuinely have been keeping pretty busy of late. After meeting and viewing the designs for the Archives Building (which, on a point of interest, way back when, was originally proposed for a redeveloped R&H Hall along Kennedy Quay) – the City Architects office didn’t have any compatible image format to post online and the drawings were too big to scan – but the building itself is only so-so. Neither stunning nor bland – nonetheless, it will add to Great William O’Brien Street in some capacity. C.A. is getting onto imaging about e-mailling me out a compressed .jpeg for the forum – so sorry about the wait, but I can’t get it to viewing any sooner than the speed at which they can deliver the image. I haven’t been down to see the building yet myself – but I’m told it’s at a ‘progressive stage’ in its construction so it may be worth popping down that region for a look yourself. But I wasn’t forgetting RM. 😮

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