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Overshadowing, out of character and height were issues raised – although the IAA were exactly objecting, rather making an observation. If any building poses an issue for approaching aircraft, surely it would be County Hall as it is right on Runway 17-35 flightpath.

People are cribbing about its scale – and its isolated nature, but the fact is, besides all that ‘Cork needs a confident statement’ lark (and there is something to be said for that too), every tall building proposed is going to be isolated if none other is given the go ahead! You have to start somewhere. Water Street (due for a new application in the coming weeks) and Eglinton Street have got the right ideas – tall buildings focussed on the docklands where they can be accommodated, protecting the city centre (as is), and maybe helping alleviate urban sprawl pressures. Furthermore, property prices in the area have risen so dramatically in anticipation of the docklands redevelopment, for issues of commercial viability, a little height is needed as an incentive and encouragement for future docklands development. The trick is to maintain the quality of design and location. So far, Cork has got lucky with Water Street and Eglinton Street, but in order to promote this standard, we need to show encouragement – I really hope the planning decision works out well for OFC.


😎 As predicted, Howard Holdings have been requested Further Info regarding their Lavitts Quay hotel and retail development.

😎 Charles & Helen’s McCarthy’s godforesaken Crosses Green hotel development has seen its due date extended by CCC until the 20th of May 2005 – just 3 days after the supposed decision date for ABP’s Jurys redevelopment by OCP. Hmmmm.

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