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😡 And I forgot to mention, not only has Riga Ltd (O’Callaghan Properites) Jurys Redevelopment been taken to ABP – but also John Mannix’s Washington Street redevelopment project (appellant = Arthur Leahy w/ NLCC Solictors on North Main Street) – even after all those revisions??? Some people!!! The Kilbree Investment Company has seen its apartment development for the Lower Glanmire Road taken to ABP also. What is with this city??? Can no project just go through the Local Authority? Perhaps there should simply be ABP – it would certainly save a lot more time and money. I appreciate the appeal system for objectors – but what does the current trend say about people’s respect for Local Authority decisions? Not much. Then again, if certain projects hadn’t been able to appeal (like Mahon Point for example) the city would have suffered from such L.A. produced problems. Also. Eglinton Street may still depend on ABP yet!

I sincerely hope Jurys, Mannix’s project and Kilbree work out positively – they’re good projects and Cork could do with more of such.

:rolleyes: The Jurys Redevelopment has been given ‘Special Priority’ status with ABP and is scheduled for a due date of May 17th 2005 – the appeal will be rushed through a.s.a.p. but due to the scale of the site, the due date could go either way.

:rolleyes: John Mannix’s development has a due date of May 25th 2004 – I would also hope this date comes sooner rather than later and like Jurys, will hopefully get the greenlight.

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