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I have to agree with Torquemada – even the idea of axing the air-bridges for the Cork Aiport Terminal development is an utter outrage and is not short of disgusting! Anyone who regularly uses the airport, especially business travellers, the elderly and families with you children will tell you that having to run across a mile of concrete in rainy or stormy weather just to board an aircraft in this day and age at the airport is disgraceful – especially given Cork Airport’s geography. Unlike Dublin where buses are provided or the aircraft is simply a few steps away (like at Pier A) – to board an aircraft at Cork usually requires a hefty hike.

For a project that is costing in the region of 156m euros (16m euros over-bidget so far) – to axe the air-bridges (among the most central aspects behind the development) and the removal of the covered walkway between the new multi-storey and terminal is inexcusable. If the DAA (who still control the purse strings for the time being) need to penny pinch like that – there are a million and one other options available. Removing the air-bridges will reduce the project costs by only 1.3m euros. Bigger savings can be made elsewhere – incl. Shannon. If the air-bridges don’t arrive with this development – it will be many years, if at all, before they ever do. I would call on the people and business leaders of Cork to stand-up to this – what is in effect, yet again, another blatant side-lining of development from Cork by the Government. Furthermore, Cork Airport now carries more passengers p.a. than Shannon, and will exceed its passenger volume by up to 500,000 this year (according to CAA projections). It’s all well and good to promise this and that – or even provide an element of finance so far – but when you make a promise you must keep to it and see it through. An utter disgrace.

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