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I look forward to being able to provide them – I suppose what irritates me most about this appeal is the arrogance associated with it and the insult it generates to those who so genuinely depend on their Children’s Allowance to support their children. Just because the country is doing so exceptionally nowadays, doesn’t mean we can forget that not every member of our society has so richly benefited from it. This appeal is a disgusting act routed in a angered response to a planning decision made in the interests of our city.

– also, in reference to the point made regarding Cork County Council’s multi-storey facility, I have to say I agree, the 2 councils (Cork City and Cork County) have both for so long advocated and promoted the increased use of public transport, and invested heavily in them (Cork Suburban Rail System – allocated 90m for its prospective Midelton Line, the Cork City Green Routes, Park & Ride Facilities at Black Ash, Banduff and proposed Blarney Railway Station) and yet both their own projects at Cork County Hall and the new Cork City Hall 32m euro extension all facilitate high-volume in house parking (700 and 435 respectively) effectively encouraging employees to drive to work. Cork County Hall will facilitate its 600 employees (in and around 450 car per day) and Cork City Hall will facilitate its 400 employees (perhaps 200 cars per day) into the city. Hypocrisy???

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