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@mickeydocs wrote:

any chance someone can post a pic of the patrick street lights for those in exile?
is that hideous portacabin still in place on pana?
any construction/demolition date for the coal quai project

– Afraid I don’t have any images available of Christmas lights did have one but I think I have since deleted it.
– And I’m even more afraid to tell you that yes, the Portacabin is still there – but thankfully it will be history come the end of this month w/ all Bus Eireann ‘operations’ moving to the refurbished bus station.
– As mentioned in a previous post, no work will get going on the Cornmarket Street/Rockfell Investments department store and apartments project until Janurary at the earliest – excavation work will be performed first.

@Pug wrote:

by the way, what was the info on that tiny site over by the bus station? i was away for the last while and someone tells me that 3000 sq ft went for some exorbitant sum of money? presumably the buyer is building something on it to recoup his money, whats the story?

Yeah I’ve been looking into that one since it was mentioned – I haven’t been able to get much information on it, which is strange – its either very heavily shrowded in secrecy or fantasmagorical. I’ll keep my eye open and my ear tuned (freak accident, long story 🙂 ) – and let you know if I find out anything. This area is fast becoming the new ‘office’ district for Cork – along w/ the South Mall and in the future, the southern docklands – an office development, albeit small, would seem best suited and probably the most logical use for this site. With a bit of imagination, it could have excellent landmark potential. In order to get the maximum return for this site, clearly building up is the primary option – and w/ nearby building heights at City Quarter and Lapps Quay, it should fit right in.


😎 Omniplex (Cork) Limited received the go-ahead for their Mahon Point S.C. Multiplex signage today – paving the way for the completion of the 13-screen cinema fit-out. Scheduled to open 1st Feb 2005.

:p Also River Island received permission for mezzanine alterations and construction to their sizeable Mahon Point store.

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