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Merely a matter of bad phrasing phatman – that question at the end of my last quote was not actually directed at you – it was more me asking generally I suppose (in disbelief), how can people consider 5-storeys high-rise in the true sense of the word?


🙂 Quality Healthcare Ltd, the Isle of Man based Medical Care Firm, who recently purchased Shankiel Hospital – have today lodged an application for the premises w/ a development consisting of the retention of a two storey extension of 52 sq. metres providing more efficient hospital outpatient facilities; b) the construction of a single storey 125 sq. metre extension within the courtyard of the Annexe for use as a new operating theatre suite c) the demolition of an existing link building and the erection of a new single storey structure to accommodate a trolley lift shaft linking the main hospital building to the Annexe and d) Minor changes to window opes, a new water tank and ancillary site development works.

:rolleyes: Lance Investments have applied for the increase in apartments for their 2nd Phase Atkins Hall development at the former Our Lady’s Hospital on the Lee Road. The increase is to provide 98 apartments in this phase up from 82. The move comes in light of CCC’s refusal for Lance Investments proposed 232-bedroom, six-storey hotel on the site,

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