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Originally posted by lexington
the grain silos average 13 to 14 storeys as is – and high-rise is oddly very important to Cork’s city-scape from this perspective traditionally. One proposal that was made, but subsequently withdrawn, proposed a BALTIC Centre style cultural venue through silo restoration. This was deemed unviable – and the grain silos are structurally incapable of catering to modern standard commercial usage.

The Treasury Building in Lower Grnad Canal St completed in 1990 is a conversion of the old ‘Bolands Mills Grain Silos’ it was when built the highest specification building in Ireland and its tenants 14 years later include

1. National Pensions Fund
2. National Treasury Management Agency
3. Merrill Lynch
4. Whirlpool European Finance Centre
5. Novel
6. Treasury Holdings

To state that the grain silos are ‘structurally incapable of conversion’ is factually wrong, grain silos by their definition are one of the most flexible types of structures to remodel as every second floor can be removed to allow for raised access floors, air conditioning ducting and other essential fourth generation service.

The silos should be retained as there is little sense in demolished structurally sound flexible buildings and sending them to landfill only to produce buildings well below a specification that is possible.

I will personally object on my own headed paper should any proposal for their demolition arise, objection will be leveled on a number of grounds not least of which is sustainability.

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