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And yet there is something so romantic about all the chaos! I’m so tempted to find a beautiful Italian woman and raft her down Lavitts Quay to Patrick’s Street with a Edith Piaf playing on my turntable Player in the background. Classy!

Yes, Cork was once known as ‘Venice of the North’ – a title historically evident in many of the city centre’s old buildings (especially along South Mall and Patrick’s Street) which have cobbled and stone stairways extending to the ground from the first floor. Places like South Mall, Coal Quay/Cornmarket Street, Academy Street and so on, used to be canal ways. Traders and merchants would ferry up the Lee to the city centre markets. I really wish Cork would use its waterways and rivers a lot more nowadays. River buses should be picking people up at the new Ballincollig Town Centre and dropping them off at the Mardyke or Grenville Place – no traffic, less pollution, time-saving!

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