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The World Economic forum has mentioned the central economic policies of Ireland as one of the factors which has kept Ireland from moving up the list of most competitive countries this year.
Is this proof enough of the narrow vision which persists in the eyes of policymakers in this country? Do they live in a reality which doesn’t stretch beyond the Pale? Maybe when the whole East coast has become one large Technoburb of Dublin, in which people spend half their lives in their cars, they might de-centralise a few civil servants and sure the problem will instantly vanish.
We need to implement proper spatial planning in this country and enable other centres of population to grow, at a sustainable level, as a serious counterpoint to Dublin.
In Cork we have the oppurtunity to do this. The docklands, in my opinion, is not just vital for the City but also the whole country. It could provide a viable alternative to Dublin, which I think would be better for traffic on the M50 than any spagetti junction on the Red Cow Roundabout.

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