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I do not think that the Mahon point scheme, which Diaspora refers to as “O’Callaghans edge city super mall” will have as strong an effect as he suggests. Although it is a large de-centred development, it will be strongly linked into the core, through a network of green bus routes and park and ride sites. It is my opinion that the local authorities in Cork have taken a wholistic approach to the retail strategy for the region. After the formation of three local authorites in Dublin, ( not sure of their respective titles Fingal, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and South Dublin) each one acted in their own interest to allow retail schemes to go ahead in their area, perhaps the prospect of loosing out on the rates a liffey valley or Dundrum would bring to their budget, to another authority was too horrible to contemplate. So that is why I propose that Cork has developed a more balanced retail strategy for the Cork Metropolitan region through the cooperation of our 2 local authorities, which places Cork city centre firmly on the top of our retail hierachy.

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