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Diaspora – chill out man. I have to say I agree with Lexington here. The Blackrock Road is entirely residential with a reasonable amount of ‘grand old houses’. This isn’t Ballsbridge – it is a reasonably sleepy suburb with a small access road that is unsuited to widening. In such circumstances I would have to say that an office facility is wholly inappropriate. Similarly I’ve always felt that the office block alongside Ashton School was totally out of place. If the grounds of this old house need to be developed then why not with something more sympathetic such as low-density high-end housing? For myself and many others Lexington provides a remarkably comprehensive insight into what’s happening on the ground here in Cork – yes, he does bash An Taisce regularly, sometimes with good reason, sometimes possibly not. But don’t take it personally – until such time as your posts start heading the proactive route rather than your current reactive model, I would strongly suggest that you relax. This thread has made it to 20 pages with some great insights – criticise the message by all means, but for all our sakes leave the messenger out of it.

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