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Originally posted by Diaspora
Calm Down,

You must be joking to think that I would lose my cool over someone who started a thread called ‘down with An Taisce’

I ignore this thread as much as possible, wading through Jack Fagan style tenant lists is about as interesting the architecture that will contain most of them.

I only enter this discussion when you cross the line on members of an organisation that I am an active volunteer member of.

Only once have they got it wrong from the images you have presented in my opinion, that was Water St and unfortunately that one didn’t make it anyway.

I can appreciate that Cork needs new projects, but just not all of the ones on this thread are particularly wonderful. With prime office rents of 23-27 per square foot it is hardly surprising, but competitively priced space and good architecture seldom go together.

I suggest that you are more selective in what you hype.

Just for the record.

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