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-> CG Images of development are designed to reflect a project in it’s best light – to make the development more attractive to both potential customers and planners in order to get the project up and running. The reason I rarely make comments on developments outside of Cork – other than the ones I may have some involvement in – is because I can’t comment on a project I know an insufficient amount on. I think to pass an ‘okay’ based on a montage that, anyone familiar with the development will tell you, is inaccurate with relation to its environment – is a little non-sensical. I thought An Taisce (and I think it must be remember I am referring to An Taisce Corcaigh here) are supposedly Champions for a Quality Life??? Then how come, they can find fault with a project they feel ‘overshadows a warehouse reflectant of Cork’s industrial heritage’, but not a project that detracts from Cork’s fading green areas and public space? And defaces a valuable and historical Cork structure (Tellengana Lodge?). Its completely contradictory! Now, I’m not advocating ‘overshadowing’ a valuable heritage reference – but then this is the inconsistency of the organisation in Cork. And I said, they ‘object to everything except where it matters’. (The Glen, Barrack Street, Tellengana, Dunkettle House, Brideview’s proposal for Rochestown etc) A link I posted a while back, showing how An Taisce brought OSB to appeal is a good example of their behaviour – but I can get some real beauties posted in addition to that one if requested also. (I don’t have them online as of yet – some are still in the Planning Process).

Furthermore, there is no ‘Luas-style’ proposal currently on the cards – this was an article by 2 UCC lecturers in the Evening Echo and then subsequently the Irish Times about the advantages of extending the new rail-link to Midelton into Patrick’s Quay utilising existing corridors (hence a very small additional cost). I agree with them on this – I also believe provisions of space should be made on future road developments to allow the possibility of a suburban rail network – hence no need for expensive CPOs and later provision. I’ve always advocated the use of rail links over more urban motorways. We should be encouraging and investing in efficient and substantial rail or guided bus corridors in Cork.

A proposal back in 1996 suggested a guided-bus corridor from Curraheen -> Bishopstown (via CIT) -> Western Road (former Greyhound Track via Victoria Cross) -> UCC Main Campus -> Washington Street -> South Mall -> City Hall (Eglinton Street) -> Kennedy Quay -> Blackrock -> Mahon Point (along existing former rail corridors). The CATS (Cork Area Transport System) was to be link-up with suburban rail services to Blarney, Blackpool, Cobh and Midelton – the plan is even referenced in the Cork City Development Plan 2004 – but so far, no-one has got the move on. CCC, being quite frank, like the idea but have no real interest in fetting involved in such a system for the time-being. That’s a real shame. A number of private investors are continuing to assess the idea – but a number of cost complications and pathetic restrictions have been laid-down by CCC (they should be supporting it – its not costing them anything and its giving Cork a decent off-the-road transport system). Issues of cost and return are the predominant delay factors.

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