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Hello people,

was on a short business/pleasure break. Back home now though.

theblimp, the Loft is a nice venue but I believe its owners, who also own Square Deal on Lancaster Quay, have plans for this site – and may or may not relocate its carpeting business.

Cornmarket Street is a fine location. Especially in light of on-coming developments of the area. Rockfell’s development will cater for up to 120,000 to 130,000sq ft of open plan retail space – with a view to a department store style venue. This is one possible location. Also, the structures at the corner of Kyle St and Cornmarket St are set to go for tender in the near future, this will provide a substantial development opportunity. If you are serious about locations in the city centre, I can discuss it with you at some level with a degree of personalised confidence, details pending. You may find it ‘helpful’.

In addition, Docklands areas provide an exciting new location. Lisney are advertising 3 lots between 2.5acres to 1H along Centre Park Road (former Goldcrop premises). Many sites in this area are going up for private auction now amidst developer speculations. I’ll comment further on this in the future.

In addition, I agree MP is an uninspired development from a design standpoint and a ‘Point’ style venue – though logistically sound in terms of traffic movement, would be less favourable on the undersized site proposed, plus it is far too close to major new residential developments like Jacob’s Island.

The Showgrounds is good in theory, but the GAA already have their own ideas for this site – ideas which are backed strongly by CCC as they will contribute to the amenity element of the Docklands Development Area which the CCC are so keen to see put in place.

The Railway Street site is the favoured premises and is actually far larger than even I had initially anticipated. One proposal sees a pedestrian bridge like Venue Block A on the Horgan’s Quay grounds, with Block B proposed for development after demolition of existing warehouse premises across Railway St – most of which are now up for tender.

I’ll discuss this all soon in further detail later – but first I have to shake off this jet-lag. Goodnight!

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