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i agree blimp, i think the showgrounds would be the optimum location for a venue of this type, it is highly accessible in terms of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, provides sufficient space, and such a development would be entirely complementary to existing uses, and could incentivise the gaa to start thinking about p ui c before it crumbles into nothingness.

to be honest, id be happy for a concert venue to go almost anywhere but mahon, owen o c can build his convention centre there, but should he really be allowed to drag this type of opportunity out of the city to MP? which is, by the way, beginning to look pretty poor from an aesthetic point of view. shed point more like it.

more i think about it the loft building, would be an excellent location, have a look at the list of sites identified by cork city council in their draft area action plan cornmarket st, available on website, good, comprehensive piece of work here by the way, illustrates development potential of a number of sites in this area.

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