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-> Cork City Library on 57-61 Grand Parade is scheduled to begin the process of a 8.5m to 9m euro redevelopment which will see the city centre facility double in size from over to 2,500sq m to just under 5,000sq m. The Library Manager has said they are reviewing plans and temporary commissioned designs for the library which will see the facility expand upwards and outwards. CCC are considering the option of opening up a design competition for the library with a decision date due in late December 2004 with construction work beginning mid-Janurary 2005. Failing this, CCC will utilise existing designs and commence construction early Janurary 2005.

-> CCC have also announced their intention to construct 150 affordable housing units for private sale in the Centre Park Road area (near the southern docklands development zone). The project will consist of 100 social housing units and approx. 50 apartments – of a striking and contemporary design to compliment the new docklands area.

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