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Filthy Cork

Cork is Ireland’s dirtiest city: survey

30 August 2004 13:33
Cork has been branded the dirtiest city in the country just four months before it will become the European Capital of Culture.

This is the second survey published this year by the Irish Business Against Litter alliance and, encouragingly, it shows major improvements in the state of many towns and cities.

But IBAL Chairman Dr Tom Cavanagh slams the condition of Dublin city centre and Cork city centre which, he says, is the dirtiest in the country.

Cork’s main street, Patrick Street, was described as being filthy, with large amounts of litter and not enough bins. Nearby Oliver Plunkett Street was said to have a serious litter problem too, while the approach roads to the city were branded blackspots which presented a terrible image to visitors.

Cork City Council, which spends €5m per year on street cleaning, said it would not comment until it had studied the findings of the survey.

Dublin city centre was similarly described as having a serious litter problem, while Tallaght and Tullamore were branded litter blackspots.

Cavan is the country’s cleanest town while the survey’s authors said there had been a spectacular improvement in Galway city, which was litter free.

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