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I’m totally in favour of the redevelopment of the Jury’s site, and I do think O’Callaghan Properties proposal is of a satisfactory standard – but I have doubts on the viability of the residential element of the project. It also seems curious Jurys are optioning for a smaller capacity hotel with this project when their original plans involved a major expansion. The current Jurys has 185-bedrooms, the proposed O’CP one will have 182. Nevertheless, Inside Cork is a publication desperately trying to take an Evening Echo stance as ‘the voice of the common man’. Its campaign is just a short-sighted self-serving ego trip – in Cork, there will always be objections sadly, Inside Cork is just trying to tap into this. Pity. I would of thought real objections should be aimed at getting rid of the awful current Jurys and not opposing a stylish, complimentary new one. The proposed development will be aestheticaly beneficial to the area – St. Finbarres is so prominent it certainly won’t be obsecured, besides, its the other side of the development altogether, objection on these grounds don’t even make sense!

Also, burge_eye, Treasury are only one of a number of parties involved and bidding for involvement at Horgan’s Quay, although they are among the most significantly involved. No disclosure of development can be issued until terms are firmly agreed.

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